November 22, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Jax is officially in preschool this year.  He goes three days a week and has the most wonderful teachers.  He loves going to "school".  I look forward to seeing all that he will learn throughout the year. 

Let's Celebrate Granddaddy!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Granddaddy on August 26.  The family met at O'Charley's for a delicious dinner and yummy cake.  Jax picked the theme - Mickey Mouse!  We all love to go to Disney so I think Granddaddy was happy with the choice Jax made.  Of course, Jax loves parties and being the center of attention.  He loves being with all of his family and entertaining everyone.  Dad was very surprised when he arrived at the restaurant.  Mom did a great job keeping the surprise under wraps.  It was a fun evening as we showed Dad how much he means to all of us.

Big Brother Class

John and I took Jax to a Sibling Class at Williamson Medical in August.  He is so excited about becoming a big brother.  The instructor read a great book about bringing baby home and then Jax got to learn all about taking care of baby.  He did a great job "bathing" the baby.  After a few yummy refreshments, we were led on a tour of the maternity floor.  Jax got to see a room like mommy will be in and he got to see the nursery.  He received a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

November 8, 2011

End of Season Celebration

Jax had a great season playing t-ball and the team celebrated with a pool and pizza party.  The party was actually at the McKay's Mill clubhouse since another teammate lives in McKay's Mill also.  The kids enjoyed playing in the pool and then had yummy pizza and cupcakes.  Each player received a trophy for a well-played season.  John and I are very proud of our little slugger.

Celebrating 4

My baby boy turned 4 on August 4.  Wow - time flies!  We had a wonderful family celebration that was Toy Story themed.  Buzz and Woody were everywhere.  We had a delicious meal followed by yummy cake.  Jax loved opening all of his presents and breaking open the pinata.  It's always fun for everyone to be together to celebrate such happy occasions.  Jax loves being the center of attention and had a fantastic birthday.

November 6, 2011

Let's Bounce Birthday Boy

Jax celebrated his 4th birthday a few days early with friends at the popular bounce place -Pump It Up.  A few friends from preschool and church joined the fun that included lots of bounce time and yummy cupcakes and ice cream.  Jax loved sitting in the "birthday" chair while opening all of his fun gifts.  Everyone enjoyed the day and Jax loved having his friends celebrate with him.

Hatcher Dairy Farm

 Julia, Joshua, Abbie, Sophie, Carley and Jax
 Jax "milking" a cow!

 Abbie and Jax making a new friend.
One hot July day Jax and I ventured out to Hatcher Dairy Farm with friends from church.  We saw lots of cows and learned about how milk is processed.  After the tour we had a picnic lunch and then went shopping for some yummy chocolate milk.

Neighborhood Celebration

Jax joined the neighborhood kids in celebrating the Fourth of July with an exciting bike parade.  The Franklin Fire Dept. led the kids with the red fire engine a short distance around the clubhouse.  Jax loved decorating his bike and riding behind the firetruck. 

Firecracker 5k

John and my brother Jay ran the Cadillac Firecracker 5k in Brentwood.  I walked with Jax in the stroller.  Jax loved running the last 50 yards across the finish line.  People were cheering him on as he crossed and his little face just lit up.  It was a fun morning with a little exercise to go along with it.

Swim Lessons

Jax took swim lessons at the Y this summer.  He loved going under water and splashing around.  It was a fun week.