July 25, 2009

Getting Wet

Jax discovered the sprinkler one day. What fun he had! I had not planned to let him play in the water but he has a mind of his own. So I stripped him down to his diaper and off he went. He loves anything and everything water. Great for bath time!

July 21, 2009

Into Everything

Jax discovered my winter accessory stash one day. This was the result. When I say Jax is into everything..... He is a very busy boy that I adore more and more each day. He is truly a blessing from God.

July 17, 2009

Little Swimmer

Jax and I took a "Mommy and Me" swimming class a few weeks ago. He loved the water. He loved splashing and jumping off the side. He didn't like floating on his back very much so we will have to work on that. He began "swimming" to the edge of the pool a little. Daddy was able to go with us one day so that was a special treat for Jax. Mema and Granddaddy came one day to watch Jax in action. Of course once he spotted them he just wanted to go play with them. The class was a great way to introduce Jax to the water and a few basics of swimming. It was also a fun time for mommy and Jax.

July 13, 2009

More Beach Fun

A trip to the beach is not complete without a yummy breakfast at the Waffle Shoppe! Angelo's Steak Pit - a childhood favorite. So glad I could take my sweet baby Jax. A great tradition to begin with him.
Where's my steak? I'm hungry!
Gotta get a picture with Big Gus!
Skee ball - this is fun stuff!
Daddy - you might want to step back a little!
Getting ready for the fireworks!

Granddaddy and Jax
My wonderful hubby and me!
Mema and Granddaddy
Jax loves his Granddaddy so much!

Thanks for a wonderful weekend Mema and Granddaddy. Looking forward to going again soon! We love you!

Fun in the Sun

We spent the fourth of July weekend at the beach with my parents. Jax loved being in the water. He loved the waves and splashing around. At first he wasn't very interested in the sand but we finally got him to play with his beach toys for a few minutes. Jax does not sit still for very long so building a sand castle was out of the question. The pool was fun, too. He floated in his turtle a little but he preferred to splash around with John or me. It was so much fun watching Jax explore his surroundings. John and I have been looking forward to taking him to the beach for the first time. It was a great weekend.

July 4, 2009

Celebrating Our Independence

Happy Fourth of July from The Dooners