January 7, 2011

A Snowy Christmas Night

Jax modeling his new gloves.
 Enjoying the beautiful snow!

 And to all a good night!
After all of the festivities of the day we took a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful snow that fell on Christmas day.  It was a gorgeous night with the light reflecting off of the snow.  What a truly wonderful end to a perfect day!

January 2, 2011

Christmas Day

A truly blessed family!
 My honey and me!
 Mema, Jax and Granddaddy enjoying lunch.

 Uncle Jay  - ready to eat!
 Mema sneaking a little party mix and sharing it with....
 Jax's beautifully decorated cookies!
 So cute!
 My little man!
 My boys and me!  I love them so much!
 Jax loves opening presents!

 My dad and me!
 My mom and me!
What a wonderful day we enjoyed on Christmas!  After a fun morning we welcomed my Mom, Dad and brother Jay as the celebration continued.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch of poppyseed chicken, HoneyBaked ham, rice, corn casserole, frozen fruit salad, honey-glazed carrots, olive-cheese bread and warm yeast rolls.   We were all stuffed and ready for a nap after lunch but we opted to open presents instead.  Jax loved opening his gifts as well as helping everyone else open theirs.  We kept the gift exchange simple this year but always fun to surprise one another.  After all of the gifts were opened we enjoyed yummy desserts that included a delightful Santa shaped cake, sugar cookies and Santa party mix.  Leftovers were packaged up and sent home with everyone.  As always we enjoyed being together as a family and feel blessed every year that we are able to have this special time together.   

January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

Looks like Santa was hungry. Just a few crumbs were left.  He also took the time to write Jax a note.  Santa rocks!

 After everyone was tucked snug in their beds, Santa arrived with lots of presents for all.
 The fun begins.....

 Santa knows I love cozy socks!
 A snowy Christmas - perfect!

 A new lunchbag for my honey - he's so excited!
 Boots for my honey that he ordered himself!  Easy shopping for me!
 CoCo - always content with whatever she gets.

What an exciting morning we had this Christmas!  The excitement in Jax's eyes was priceless as he discovered all of the toys and goodies that Santa left for him.  He loved looking through his stocking and finding all of his favorite things like Cheetos, stickers, "Elmo" juice and Skittles.  Santa left lots of fun toys including the race car that Jax requested along with a big fire truck, wooden blocks, Legos, coloring books and other great stuff to keep him busy.  CoCo's stocking was filled with yummy treats, too!  Santa was so good this year - my stocking was filled with lotions, bath gels, cozy stocks and a Starbucks gift card.  John's stocking including his favorite mulling spices, a Santa Pez dispenser, Skittles, and a few more goodies.  After seeing what Ole St. Nick left for all of us, we enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, warm syrup, eggs and bacon.  A delicious breakfast behind us we were ready for the task of opening lots of presents.  We enjoyed a relaxing morning by the fire  watching each other delight of seeing what was under the tree.  A few surprises was had by all.  It was so nice to sit by a cozy fire watching the snow as we enjoyed a quiet (well..as quiet as Christmas can be with a three year old) morning as a family.  After the presents were unwrapped it was time to get ready for our Christmas lunch.