December 31, 2010

Yummy Treats for Santa and his Reindeer

Jax and I had fun on Christmas Eve making treats for Santa and his reindeer.  We made our traditional sugar cookies with delicious royal icing.  Jax had fun decorating his cookies with icing and sprinkles.  After we made cookies it was time to mix up a special treat for the reindeer.  Jax did great measuring and stirring.  He sprinkled the food so fast that John didn't get but a couple of pictures.  We put Santa's cookies on a special plate and poured a cold class of milk.  Then it was off to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas and then to bed.

This is where you go....

Three days before Christmas and Jax gets a new dog at Build-A-Bear.  Doesn't make a lot of sense, right?  Well...let me tell you.... this is where you go when you walk up to Santa's house two seconds too late and it's your second attempt to visit with  jolly ole St. Nick.   It broke my heart to see Jax's little face when I told him that Santa was going to feed the reindeer and we would have to see him later.  Jax had tears streaming down his little face and the "elf" looked at us and said, "Santa will be back at 2:00".  Thanks but I don't think my little guy really understood that so off we went to find something fun to do.  Jax loved choosing his new dog which he named "Rudolph".    Of course, we had another meltdown when leaving because he decided he actually wanted Rudolph the reindeer instead of Rudolph the dog but that's another story.  I definitely learned my lesson about waiting until the week before Christmas to visit with Santa.   John and I met at the mall that same night and waited for about an hour and forty minutes  for Jax to have his 30 seconds with Santa.  Oh...what you will do for your kids.   But after all that we went though it was worth it all to watch Jax give Santa a 100 calorie pack of cookies and to hear him tell Santa he wanted a race car.  Precious!

Time to Build a House

John, Jax and I had fun building and decorating an adorable gingerbread house.  Jax did a great job helping Daddy put it together.  He loved eating the candies, too.  I think more candies went in him tummy than on the house.  It's always a fun Christmas project for the three of us.

December 26, 2010

Mother's Day Out Christmas Party Fun

Miss Amy and Miss Tam
Not sure what my little guy is thinking here but....
 I know what he's thinking here,  "Let's open this, mom!"

 Telling Miss Tam something very important!

What a fun day at Jax's "school"!  The party began with fun craft and then it was time for games.  Jax loved the snowball toss but wasn't too excited about "pinning the carrot" on the snowman.  Treat time was yummy with sugar cookies, Santa party mix and juice.  The little kiddos gave their teachers gift baskets filled with lots of goodies and gift cards.  Jax has the most wonderful, caring and loving teachers.  It was a fun day for everyone.

It's Not As Easy As It Looks's that wonderful time of the year.....the annual Dooner family Christmas card photo session!  Enjoy the outtakes!

Merry Christmas from the Dooners!

December 13, 2010

An Early Snow

What a snowy surprise!  Sunday morning greeted  us with a beautiful snow fall that lasted all day.  I think we have about 2 inches of the white stuff and more snow is predicted for Wednesday.  This is the earliest snow that I can ever remember.  Of course, I've seen flurries this early in the season but never accumulation.  Jax wanted to make a snow angel but when he felt how cold the snow was he changed his mind.  It is bitterly cold for us in Franklin.  Time for some hot chocolate and snuggle time with my boys!

Breakfast with Santa

 John, Jax and I went to Brentwood Hill's annual Breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning.  We enjoyed yummy donut holes, fruit, pigs in a blanket along with chocolate milk and orange juice.  A friend gave Jax a balloon and he got a sweet little elf hat.  He enjoyed the crafts making a stocking, a paper chain and a snowy train scene.  We didn't stay for a picture with Santa (the line was too long) but we got a glimpse of jolly St. Nick and the Mrs.  It was a fun morning for Daddy, Mommy and Jax. 

December 12, 2010

A House Made of....

Jax made an adorable gingerbread house in his Mother's Day Out class.  He did a great job with the icing and decorations.  Before I could snap a picture he had eaten a candy cane and a few gumdrops.  I'm not sure it's going to be around very long.