April 13, 2010

Zoo Fun

Jax and I took advantage of the beautiful weather last week and enjoyed a day at the zoo.  He loved seeing all of the animals and riding the carousel.  We packed a yummy lunch and enjoyed sitting outside to eat.  It was a fun day with my sweet Jax.

April 11, 2010

Easter Lunch and the Hunt

My honey - waiting for the fun to begin!
Jax greeting Mema and Granddaddy.
Dessert table! - Yummy - let's begin here!
Bunny art courtesy of Jax K. Dooner!
Savannah - Mema - John
A bunny cupcake just for Jax!
Savannah - Jax - Aunt JuJu
My honey - still waiting for the fun to begin!
Uncle John and Jax
Let the hunt begin!
Checking out all of the goodies!

A cuddly bunny from Mema and Granddaddy!

The Easter Bunny Didn't Come!

Misleading title - yes! The EB did hop by our house last Sunday but when Jax woke up the first thing he said to me was that the EB didn't come because he hadn't heard a noise - so sweet. I told him that I thought the EB had come so off we went downstairs to discover lots of goodies from that fluffy bunny!

We got a few pictures after church before changing for a delicious lunch and the all exciting Easter egg hunt.

Cookies and Eggs

Jax helped make cookies for our Easter Sunday lunch.  He had lots of fun rolling the dough and cutting out flowers and bunnies.  He did a great job. 

What's Easter without the traditional dyeing of the eggs?  We had a busy Saturday so I almost forgot to boil the eggs but luckily I remembered just before dinner so after a few slices of pizza the Dooner family made colorful eggs for our hunt the next day.  Oh..... if only they would have made it that long.  I can't remember who cracked the first one but by the time we were finished all six were cracked.  John made an egg for each of us with our names and Jax helped him decorate them.  Jax had a hard time waiting during the dyeing process.  He kept reaching in the cups to take out the eggs.  After we were finished I was putting them in the refrigerator and dropped the bowl so all the eggs cracked - so much for using them in our hunt.  Cracked eggs didn't take away from the fun.  Jax loved watching them change colors and putting stickers on them.  After a quick bath we enjoyed a cookie and watching It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown before climbing into bed with visions of a bunny hopping in our heads.

April 7, 2010

My Hockey Hero

Jax and I went to watch John play hockey a couple of Sundays ago.  He actually had an afternoon game which is unusual during the regular season so we took advantage of it.  I had taken Jax to one other game but he was just a little guy so he didn't remember.  Jax loved running up and down as John skated along the glass.  I was surprised at how well Jax was able to keep up with his Daddy.  If he lost sight of him he would start saying , "Daddy, where are you?"  It was very sweet.