August 31, 2010

Celebrating with a "Grand" Dad

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad!  We celebrated last Thursday at the Olive Garden.  My dad loves their spaghetti so it was his choice.  Jax and I baked him a cake earlier that day.  Jax did a great job making it special for Granddad!  We had a fun evening with family.

August 24, 2010

Let the Party Begin

Happy Birthday Jax!
Adorable placemat for the birthday boy!
Jax loved his cake - Lightning McQueen!
Tow Mater - cute and yummy!
Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!
Grandma with John and Jax
Jax and Uncle Jay
Jax having fun with Mema and Granddaddy!
This is going to be fun!
A cool chair just for Jax!
Make a wish - birthday boy!
Mema and Jax getting into Mater!
Our wonderful family!  I love my boys!

Jax had a wonderful birthday celebration with family a few days after his "official" birthday.  Mema, Granddaddy, Uncle Jay and Grandma joined us for an afternoon of fun.  We enjoyed a dinner of filet mignon, grilled shrimp skewers, roasted potatoes, frozen fruit salad, fried rice, olive cheese bread and yummy desserts.  Jax loved his Lightning McQueen cake which was white cake with vanilla and chocolate butter cream frosting.  (I discovered that using chocolate frosting for the black tinted frosting is much tastier because not as much coloring is needed.) 

Jax loved opening all of his gifts and blowing out his candle.  We are so blessed to have a little boy that is loved so much.  Thank you Mema, Granddaddy, Uncle Jay and Grandma for spending the afternoon with us as we celebrated our sweet little boy's third birthday!

August 21, 2010

Big Boy Room

I remember the day I bought those 3 letters - weeks before "Baby Dooner" arrived.  Now they are painted red and hanging in his big boy room.  Time goes by too quickly.
John and I bought these shelves a few weeks after we moved into our house - almost 4 years ago now.  We have FINALLY found a perfect home for them.  My husband wasn't very happy with me though because they required a little sanding and 4-5 coats of paint.  Thanks, honey - they look great.
A present from Mema and Granddaddy - a perfect addition!
Silly boy - playing peek-a-boo before going to sleep!
First night in his big boy bed!  So sweet!
It's official - Jax has moved into his big boy room.  I spent weeks shopping and searching for the perfect bedding, paint, lamps, window treatments (got it right after the third time), etc.  It has been a bittersweet time.  While it was fun seeing his excitement as he moved into his big boy room it was a little sad for me as we took down his crib and changed his nursery into an office/crafting room for me.  The Tuesday before his birthday his new room was off limits.  After he went to bed, John and I put the finishing touches on his new room so it would be ready for him on his birthday.  After breakfast the next day we revealed his new room.  He was very excited and checked out most everything.  The first night he wanted to sleep in his "old" bed so we didn't argue.  We were happy to let him get adjusted but by the second night he was ready to sleep in his new bed and has ever since.  It was just a few days after his birthday that we took down his crib.  And yes - there were tears - from me not my two boys. 

Jax is settling into his new room.  I am still organizing a few things but overall it's been great and a very easy transition.  My little boy is growing up but he's still my baby. 

August 17, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jax!

Daddy and Jax enjoying a special breakfast.
All about 3!

Our morning began with a yummy breakfast that included eggs, bacon, strawberries and blueberry pancakes with warm maple syrup.  Jax loved his "3" pancakes.  John took the day off so that we could spend the day together.  It was a nice treat to have Daddy home for the day.

Mommy and Jax
Jax checking out his new lamp!
A special birthday message!
I began planning Jax's big boy room a few weeks ago.  Wow!  There was a lot to do but it was fun.  John and I made a deal when we were designing his nursery.  I got to choose the "baby" room as long as his big boy room was all about sports!  I followed through although I saw lots of other cute ideas for his big boy room. 

Animals - animals - here I come!
A friendly alligator??????
Yummy "3" sandwiches! 
Riding the carousel with Mommy!
Giraffees - where are you?
Riding the carousel with Daddy! and looking a little tired!

After breakfast we went to The Nashville Zoo.  Jax and I have been a couple of times but not with John.  We had so much fun looking at the animals.  Jax loved the new alligator exhibit.  He also loved seeing the giraffes - one of his favorite animals.  It was a great day to go because there was no crowd.  It was almost like we had the zoo to ourselves.  It was a very hot day but we enjoyed having time with Jax and seeing his excitement.  We packed our lunch including "3" sandwiches.  Jax rode the carousel twice and then it was time for home and a much needed nap.
Jax chose "the peanut place" for his birthday dinner.  Logan's Roadhouse is one of his favorite places.  His Granddaddy taught him very early to love the hot buttered rolls although I think he eats more butter than roll.  We enjoyed our dinner and then it was off to Wednesday night Bible classes. 

I made these sweet cookies for Jax to share with his friends at church.  I think they were a big hit with his classmates.  I know Jax loved them.

Let the fun begin!
Tools....just like Daddy's!
Adorable!  A special delivery from Uncle Jay.
Toy Story pajamas - yay!
A sweet card from Miss Robbie.
Yum - Yum!
Make a wish!
Our wonderful day ended with a "mini" birthday party with a few presents and a yummy confetti cake with vanilla butter cream frosting.  Jax wanted to dig into his cake all day so he was very excited when it was actually time to have a piece.  John got him a tool set that he absolutely loves.  Jax is always "helping" daddy so it was the perfect gift.  He also got new pjs, a dino and a book.  Uncle Jay sent him an adorable bear and balloons for his special day.  Jax had a fantastic 3rd birthday.  John and I enjoyed every moment with our sweet boy.  We are so thankful for the joy that Jax brings into our lives.