February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jay!

Today is my brother's birthday.  We wish you the happiest of days.  Lots of love!

February 23, 2010

Strolling in the House - Funny Memories

This is my new jogging stroller.  I am now the proud owner of three strollers.  If you had asked me before I had a little one if I thought I would ever need three strollers the answer would have been "What?  Three strollers?  Why would anyone need three strollers?"  Now I understand the need for different strollers.  I have my "original" stroller that we used with the car seat and still use when we go to the mall.  It holds a lot and gives Jax room to move around.  As Jax got a little older, I decided I needed a light weight stroller for walks around the neighborhood,  quick shopping trips, etc.  The smaller stroller served  me well until Jax discovered how to "escape" from the saftey straps and drag his feet along the sidewalk.  A stroll around the neighborhood became a dreaded event.  I went back to the bulky stroller for a few walks but "bulky" sums it up.  Thus the newest addition to my collection - a jogging stroller.  This to me is like a mini-van (no offense to mini-van moms - I'll probably get one some day).  I never thought I would own one but now I do. It's great because Jax can't reach the ground - he is trapped.  I'm looking forward to using it often as the days get warmer. 

John is always so sweet to put together all the stuff I buy with "assembly required". Jax wanted to help so he and Daddy put the tires on and pumped them up.  Jax wanted to test out his new stroller so off they went around the house.  I had to snap a couple of shots because it brought back memories of Jax as a very little fellow.  Every afternoon around four-thirty Jax would get very fussy.  I made up a silly song that helped sometimes but what helped most often was John strolling him around the house.  It was more like a race track through the dining room and kitchen.  Round and round they would go until Jax would finally calm down.  I would laugh so hard watching John race around the house.  Seeing them strolling around the house brought back funny memories. I'm glad those  fussy days are past but it's fun to remember times like that.

Going for the Gold

Jax got a gold medal at school last Wednesday.  His class had their own version of the Winter Olympics which included speed skating and the luge.  He was very proud of his medal.  Mommy and Daddy are very proud, too.

Ready for a Little Sunshine

Jax is ready for sunny warm days.  He loves being outside finding sticks and riding his tricycle.  Bring on the sunshine!

Pumping Iron

Let's get pumping!
A little ab work!
Come on Mommy - one more set!
Stretching after a hard workout!

One afternoon I decided to do a few minutes of weights and ab work.  My little fellow decided to join me.  What fun!  Now we "exercise" after nap time a few days a week.  He is so funny doing his sit-ups. 

President's Day

We enjoyed a little more snow on President's Day.  CoCo was the only one that actually played in it but we it was nice to have another blanket of white.  John was off for the day so we took advantage of having Daddy home with us.  Our first stop was at Pump It Up where both of my boys had lots of fun bouncing.  I joined the fun after making a quick trip to DSW.  Of course after all the bouncing we were all hungry so we stopped by Chuy's for a quick bite.  It was our first trip to the newly opened restaurant.  John liked it a little more than I did but I'm sure we will go back sometime soon.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and looking at the snow from inside our warm home.  A fun day!

Valentine's Day

Starting the day with love - a yummy heart shaped cinnamon streusel muffin!

A card from mommy and daddy!
My hubby's favorite day - can't you tell?
Up, Up and Away!
The Dooner Family - CoCo is behind the island.

A Hugs and Kisses Chocolate Bear from Mema and Granddaddy!
Jax and Uncle Jay
We had  a wonderful Valentine's Day.  It began with a yummy breakfast of heart-shaped muffins and crispy bacon.  John, Jax and I exchanged gifts after filling our tummies. 

Mema, Granddaddy and Uncle Jay joined us for a delicious lunch of chili, heart-shaped pimento cheese sandwiches and mexican corn muffins along with sweet treats.  Jax loved the chocolate dipped strawberries.  The sugar cookies were a tasty treat, too. 

It was a day filled with love and blessings. 

February 20, 2010

Valentine Exchange

Jax took flowers and mints to his Mother's Day Out teachers.
After school - checking out his stash of Valentine goodies.

Jax had a Valentine party at "school".  He was so excited to take Miss Judy and Miss Denise each a bouquet of beautiful pink roses and yummy candy mints.  He was also excited to exchange Valentine cards with his classmates.  He made an adorable Valentine bag to hold all of the cards that he got.  It was fun watching him go through all of his goodies when he got home that afternoon.

Say Cheese

One night Jax found his camera and starting taking pictures of John and me.  "Say cheese" was all that we heard for several minutes.  So funny!

Super Bowl Fun

Wings - Cheese dip-Chips - Salsa- Veggies - Oh! Yes!  We Are Ready for Some Football!

What a fun Sunday afternoon we had watching Super Bowl XLIV!  We had delicious food and lots of fun playing with sweet baby Jax while we watched the game.  My hubby was rooting for the Saints while I was pulling for the Colts.  Oh well - it was a great time anyway. 

Four Sweet Years

Our Beautiful Wedding Cake and...
a miniature version for our anniversary.
My funny hubby! Should I take this as a compliment?
My wonderful hubby and I had a wonderful anniversary celebration dinner at Stoney River.  So yummy!  Our original wedding cake was made by Iris owner of The Flour Shop Bakery in Brentwood.  I had her make a miniature version for our annivesary dessert.  

February 4, 2010

Has It Really Been Four Years?

Today is a special day for my hubby and me.  We are celebrating our four year anniversary.  We are planning a fun dinner tonight while Jax plays with Mema and Uncle Jay.

February 3, 2010

Let's Get Pumped

John and I took Jax to Pump It Up in Cool Springs on Tuesday night.  It was Family Fun Night and oh...  did we have FUN!  Jax loved sliding and bouncing.  John and I got in on the action, too.  What a workout!  Needless to say we had a tired little guy when we got home.  Bath, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, bedtime stories, prayers, hugs and he was out! 

February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day


A Little Ice Time and a Snowman

John and Jax had a great time playing "hockey" on our ice covered street.
Our icy snowman - isn't he cute?