January 29, 2012

Gingerbread House Fun

Jax had so much fun making his gingerbread house this year!  John helped him assemble it and I helped with the icing but he did most of the decorating himself.  He did a great job!

Preschool Christmas Party

Jax had a fun time at this Christmas party.  Jones went along for the fun.  Jax was excited to show off his little brother.  The class made a cute snowman sock and played a fun reindeer game before enjoying yummy treats. It's so wonderful to be able to share these special times with my sweet boy.

A Letter to Santa

 Jax wrote his first letter to Santa this year.  I helped a little but he finished it with a long list of all the things he wanted.  Star Wars characters were most important.  Funny since he hasn't even seen any of the Star Wars movies.  He sealed and stamped the envelope and out to the mailbox we went. 

 To our surprise.......
...Santa wrote back!

Christmas Card Picture Day

I love this day!  John not so much!  It's the day we try for the "perfect" family picture for our Christmas card.  Getting two boys and a dog to look at the camera at the same time - not so easy but lots of laughs. 

Breakfast with Santa

 What a wonderful morning with St. Nick!  We enjoyed breakfast with jolly ole' Santa at our annual neighborhood Breakfast with Santa.  This was our first year to attend and it was fantastic.  No long lines to visit with the famous man himself.  Yummy doughnuts and fruit and fun things for Jax to do. Great family time!

My boys with Santa!

 And this is what happens when I let hubby dress baby without giving specfic directions....

Family Tradition

Jax loves putting the star on our tree.  Not sure what we will do next year with two boys wanting to put the star on the tree - two trees?  I love watching this moment each year.

January 5, 2012

Bath Time

Jones enjoyed his first bath at home with the help of his big brother.  Jax is such a great helper.  He loves giving his baby brother a bath.  Jones enjoys baths most of the time as long as the water is just right.

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

What a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving this year!  We are so thankful that Jones arrived healthy and happy!  We enjoyed a delicious meal with family.  John's mom and uncle joined us for lunch.  It was their first time to meet baby Jones.  My parents and brother Jay celebrated with us, too.  It was a relaxing time to spend with family and enjoy the many blessings in our lives.  Jax and I made a special treat for everyone.  I found this adorable project and Jax had fun making them. 

January 2, 2012

Big Brother's Hockey Game

 Silly boy!
 Jax loves watching the Zamboni!

Jones was introduced to hockey at just 10 days old.  Never too early to start :-)  Jax loved having his little brother come to his game on Saturday morning.  Of course, Jones slept most of the time but it thrilled Jax for mommy to be there.  I love watching my little man play hockey.  He has improved so much during the season and always has fun.  He also loved watching the Zamboni after the game.  Brrrr... I wish the Z was a little faster.  The rink is always so cold and I'm ready to get warm after the game but Jax just loves watching it so much.