July 29, 2010

Silly Boy

Jax and I met Mema and Granddaddy in Green Hills one day for lunch.  Jax made them each a sweet card with a clothes pin attached.  He was so excited to show them what he made. We had a fun lunch and I was able to shop a little. 

July 25, 2010

Baking with Jax and Mommy

A little prep work!
The all important batter taste test - yum!
Mixing the topping....
and getting it just right!
Is is good?
Jax and I made delicious angel food cupcakes a few days ago.  He had so much fun helping me.  He lined the cupcake tins, mixed the batter and the pineapple whipped topping frosting.  He saw these cute little cakes on the cover of a magazine and asked me to make them for him.  What a fun afternoon we spent mixing, baking and eating!  We shared a few with Mema, Granddaddy and Uncle Jay.  I think everyone enjoyed them!

July 9, 2010

Jax - Here, There and Everywhere

Warming up - time to cool off!
Breakfast at Merridee's Breadbasket - one of our favorites.
Helping Daddy put together the new deck box.
Jax enjoying dinner on his new picnic table.
Yummy Las Palmas - another favorite.

Getting Ready for a Big Boy Bed

Last Monday John converted Jax's crib to a daybed.  We are getting him ready for his "big boy" bed.  It has been a rather easy transition.  The first day he slept in the floor during nap time but he slept in his bed during the night.  He still calls out for me when he wakes up in the morning.   We have been playing up the "big boy" bed for a few weeks now.  He's excited about getting his "real" bed for his birthday.  The plan is to have his new room ready for him to sleep in on his birthday.  It's exciting buying new things but a little sad to think how fast the past three years have gone by.

Father's Galore and A Birthday, Too

Father's Day balloons for Daddy!
Matching swim trunks - a gift from Mommy!
Blueberry Pancake Mix - CoCo loves her Daddy!
Savannah - Julie - Mema
Julie and John
Jay - Mom - Julie - Dad - Jax (making his escape)
Father's Day was full of celebrations.  The day began with a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon for John.  We had a light lunch after church and spent the afternoon relaxing. For dinner we made the short trip to Spring Hill to enjoy dinner at Olive Garden as we celebrated all of the dads in our family and  mom's birthday. In addition to mom and dad, John, Jax and I were joined by Jay, John, Julie and Savannah.   For dessert we had two tasty cakes from The Flour Shop in Brentwood.  Another place we all love so the white and chocolate cakes were a treat for everyone.   Family time is so special for all of us.  We are blessed to have each other.

Mema's Birthday Lunch

Jax and I took Mema to lunch on her birthday at Merridee's Breadbasket.  Granddaddy joined the fun, too.  Jax got Mema a birthday balloon bouquet but we saved her other presents for our annual Father's Day/Mom's Birthday celebration the following Sunday.

Saying Goodbye to Gymbo

Jax and I went to our last Gymboree class a few weeks ago.  We started gym classes almost two years ago and had lots of fun each week learning new concepts and ideas. Jax learned so much and loved climbing, swinging, sliding, jumping and so much more each week. It was sad to say goodbye to Gymbo but I decided it was time to try new things.  After our class we went to lunch with John.  It's always a nice treat to have lunch with Daddy.  John took Jax into his office for a few minutes when we dropped him off.  Jax liked seeing where Daddy works and meeting a few of John's co-workers.  I have a sneaky suspicion that John enjoyed "showing off" his little buddy as much as Jax enjoyed seeing where his Daddy works.

Memorial Day Outing

Jax loves riding on his Daddy's shoulders!
Jax found the camel the most fascinating part of the day!
Jousting - very entertaining!
Somebody needs a nap!

John, Jax and I decided to go to The Tennessee Renaissance Festival on Memorial Day since John had the day off.  John had been several years ago but it was my first time to go.  It was very interesting to say the least.  Lots of fun jewelry and costumes.  John was most excited to see the jousting.  Jax just wanted to explore.  He wasn't happy to stay in one place for very long.  He enjoyed seeing the camel and would have ridden him if we have let him.  He's an adventurous little man.  The remainder of the day was spent relaxing at home and grilling hamburgers for dinner.  Love those kind of days.

Let's See Those Pearly Whites

Jax and Valentine Mickey waiting patiently!
Brave Boy!
YES!!!! I think it was worth it!!!!
We went for Jax's six month dental visit at the end of May.  He did SUPER!  I was so proud of him. He surprised me by choosing marshmallow flavor toothpaste over cherry but he climbed right into the chair and was very still (for the most part).  He got a great report from his dentist as well as stickers, a new toothbrush and toothpaste.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Puffy Muffin in Brentwood where Jax got a very special treat.  I know - I know - a cookie after a dental visit!  What's a mom to do?

Oh... The Places He Will Go!

Brentwood High School - Class of 2010
John, Jax and I enjoyed lunch with my parents before going to my nephew's graduation. It was a fun day.

Last Day of "School"


September 2009
May 2010

My little guy has grown a lot since September.  His last day of Mother's Day Out was May 19.  The year went by so quickly.  Wednesdays rolled around fast each week.  Almost every Wednesday morning I would hear the same words "no school, no school" but by the time we arrived he would march into his classroom without even a goodbye!  Jax loved Miss Denise and Miss Judy.  He had a fantastic year and learned so much.  We look forward to another great year beginning in September but I'm not rushing the days.  It's nice having my sweet boy with me everyday.  We are having a fun summer hanging out together.

School Carnival

So....I'm a little behind on my blog posts.  Jax's preschool had the most fun little carnival in May.  Lots of games, pony rides, a petting zoo, prizes, popcorn and cotton candy.  It was a hot day but we had so much fun together.  We enjoyed playing the games and seeing friends before having a yummy lunch of hot dogs, cookies and lemonade.  A great mommy and son day!

Weekend Fun - Celebrating Our Independence

Jax and Mommy
Friday afternoon Jax and I decorated his bike for the annual McKay's Mill July 4th Parade.  This was his first year to participate and we had tons of fun getting ready for it.

My brother Jay and me
Saturday morning before the bike parade my brother Jay and I ran (with a little walking mixed in for me) the Cadillac Firecracker 5k in Brentwood.  Jay ran a very impressive race beating his previous time by three minutes.  He completed the race in a little over 29 minutes.  I was a bit slower but had a fun morning.  This was our second time to run the Firecrakcer 5k.  I'm looking forward to the Franklin Classic 5k in September. I'm working hard to improve my time so that Jay won't have to wait so long for me at the finish line.

Daddy and Jax warming up for the parade!
Granddaddy and Mema - looking a little sleepy!
Jax is ready to roll!
The fire truck leading the parade.
Jax enjoying his popsicle after the festivities.
Still working on that popsicle.

That's so funny, Mommy!
The bike parade was a huge success.  Jax loved every minute.  His favorite part was "catching the firetruck".  The entire time he was riding in the parade he kept telling me that he had to "catch the firetruck".  Every time he said it he would start peddling faster.  There were lots of games and races before the parade began.  John and I were a little nervous about Jax riding his tricycle with so many other bikers but he did great.  It was a fun morning and we were happy to have Mema and Granddaddy join us.  After the festivities we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Merridee's Breadbasket in downtown Franklin. 

Uh-oh!  Is there something you need to tell us, CoCo?
This is how CoCo greeted us Sunday morning when we returned home from church.  I was getting Jax out of the car when I heard John exclaim, "COCO"!  This could not be good.  John said, "Julie, you have to see this."  Coco is a sweet-natured dog except for her love of barking and recent love of the upstairs laundry room trash can.  Bless her heart! I really felt sorry for her when I saw that she was stuck in the top of the can.  She had the saddest eyes.  Of course, I had to snap a pic before we removed it.   She seemed very grateful for her "freedom".  Very appropriate for the day I must say!

Jax and his bird feeder.
Jax has some very brave Sunday school teachers.  They made adorable bird feeders from pine cones, marshmallow cream and birdseed.  He loved hanging it on a tree in our yard.

Let's get wet!
Splish!  Splash!
Getting ready for fireworks!
Our weekend ended with a wonderful July 4th party hosted by friends from our Sunday school class.  We enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips and yummy desserts.  Our gracious hosts had lots of fun things for the kids to do.  Jax had a blast playing with all of the other kiddos in the pool and sprinklers.  We enjoyed talking with friends and meeting new ones.  Our friends live very near Crockett park so we were able to see the fireworks from their yard.  We only stayed a few minutes because it was getting late but we were able to enjoy a little bit of the show.  It was a great weekend spent with family and friends.  How blessed we are to live in the United States of America.  Thank you to all of the many men and women that have fought and are fighting to protect our freedom and to our founding fathers.  Of course, the ultimate glory is to God.  Oh yes - we are blessed!