May 17, 2010

Spring School Pictures

These adorable pictures were made by Lauren Gill.  Since I was not with him I wasn't sure how he would do but I am so happy with the outcome.  My little boy is turning into a big boy.  Where does the time go?

Let's Play Animals

Jax loves "playing animals".  As you can see he has ALL of his stuffed friends out.  John started playing this game with him when he was very young and he still loves it.  I love having him grab my hand and say, "Mommy, let's play animals".  It's just one of those moments that always makes me smile.

Giddy Up Horsey

My adorable little cowboy!

May 16, 2010

Oh... The Places She Will Go!

My beautiful niece, Savannah graduated from David Lipscomb High School on Saturday.  John, Jax and I are so proud of her.  She was so excited when we saw her after  receiving her dipolma. 

After graduation  we enjoyed lunch at Noshville in Green Hills. 

The celebration continued with yummy cake and ice cream later that day.  Jax had fun playing with Savannah and her cousins. 

Mother's Day

Beautiful roses from my beautiful boy!
These beautiful flowers arrived a few days before Mother's day.  Sweet Jax (with a little help from his daddy) chose the perfect gift since roses are my favorite flower.  I enjoyed them for several days.

My sweet boys took me to lunch after church on Sunday.  We went to Pizza Perfect in Hillsboro Village.  John and I went there almost every Sunday after church when we were dating so it's always fun to visit now and then.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and looking forward to a yummy dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

Jax giving Mema her present.
Getting squeezed by Granddaddy!
My beautiful mom and me.
My Perfect Hubby - oh.. a girl can dream!
My brother Jay and me.

John, Jax and I met my mom, dad and brother, Jay at Outback for a Mother's Day dinner celebration.  We had a fun evening of laughs as Jax kept us all entertained.  It's always such a blessing to spend time with family.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful mom and it was nice to celebrate with her. 

A special gift for mommy.

Jax made this adorable bookmark at Mother's Day Out.  It says, "Thumbody loves you!  It's Jax!"  Of course, it has his sweet little thumbprint on it.   I'm a very lucky mom to have such a special little boy.   It was a perfect day!

May 9, 2010

My Beautiful Mom

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom.  I Love You!

May 8, 2010

The Grand Finale

Team Dooner
Yummy treats for my hubby!
Jax waited patiently for cupcake time.
Jax flying with Uncle John.
I think Jax loves all of the attention he gets from his Granddaddy!
Thursday night was time to celebrate John's birthday with family.  We enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, salad and chips.  Dessert included red velvet cupcakes and sugar cookies.  The night was filled with great conversation and lots of laughs.  John received lots of goodies, too.  It's always a special time when we can get together as a family.

The Celebration Continues

My honey was very happy with his surprise!
Make a wish!
Jax helping Daddy open his cards.
Jax "signed" his card to Daddy!

Wednesday was my hubby's birthday but since it fell on Wednesday we took him to dinner on Tuesday and planned his party for Thursday.  Jax and I gave him a "mini" party on Wednesday with a yummy Merridee's cheesecake bar and presents.  Jax drew a beautiful picture on his card.  We had a fun night celebrating as a family.  We are so blessed.

Let the Celebrating Begin

My boys - aren't they handsome?
Our pre-dinner entertainment!
My honey - always waiting for the fun to begin!
Jax opening his fortune cookie.

Jax and I took John to P.F. Chang's for his birthday dinner on Tuesday night.  It was Jax's first visit there..  He loved the chopsticks and the fortune cookie.  We don't go out to dinner very often as a family so it was a nice evening out. 

May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my wonderful hubby's birthday!  We celebrated at P.F Chang's last night with a delicious dinner.  We are having a mini-party tonight with presents from Jax and me.  Tomorrow night we are having a family birthday party.  I'll post pictures soon.  I believe birthdays should be celebrated all week long - just more fun!

May 1, 2010

Earth Day

Last year, I got Jax this adorable Mickey Earth Day T-shirt.  I made several attempts to get a good picture showing it but I didn't have much luck.  He was too busy checking out the leaves.  It was fun to talk to him about Earth Day and taking care of the beautiful world that God has given us.  He loves to "cycle" and is learning to separate the different items that we recycle. 

Saying Thank You with Flowers

Jax took flowers to his teachers at Mother's Day Out during Teacher Appreciation Week.  He was so proud to give them their colorful daisies.  He has the sweetest teachers.  I have been very happy with my decision to send him to "school" this year.