December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Jax begins the fesitivies by opening his new airplane from Mema and Granddaddy!

Granddaddy gave Jax a cool Mickey Mouse clock for his room!

Telling Granddaddy how to put the batteries in the clock.

What could it be?

So excited about my Uggs!

December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning in our home was exciting and fun.  Jax woke up around 6:30 but he didn't mention Santa for about an hour so we let Daddy sleep in until then.  I was curious to see if he would remember and he did finally!  It was as if a lightbulb went off in his head - all of a sudden he said "Santa" so I sent him to wake Daddy and off we went to find out what Santa had brought for all of us.

Santa enjoyed his cookies and milk!

Jax checking out what Santa put in his stocking.

Yay! Candy - just what I asked Santa to bring!

An apple too!

CoCo sniffing out her stash of goodies from Santa!

Jax peeking in CoCo's stocking!

Okay - what's next?

Jax with his new train table - he really likes it.

Jax has his very own vacuum to help Mommy!

Helping Daddy open a gift from Santa!

After seeing all of the toys and goodies Santa brought, we let Jax open one gift from under the tree before breakfast.  It was a pair of monkey slippers.  I thought he would love them and he did he just wouldn't wear them.  I guess his feet weren't that cold!

My hubby making scrambled eggs - he really does make the best eggs ever!

Enjoying a Christmas breakfast together.  Scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and fluffy pancakes with warm syrup.  Yum! Yum!

Fun with Daddy!

Do you really like it, honey?

Jax got his very own computer!

Oh, yea - he likes it!

Being silly with Mommy!

We had such a relaxing morning!  It was fun to take our time and enjoy being together as a family.  Jax loved opening all of his gifts.  It was nice to see his excitment.  We were blessed to have this time.  Later in the day we celebrated with Mema, Granddaddy and Uncle Jay.

December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

Decorating cookies for Santa - yum!

Hmmmmm...maybe I should taste test these for Santa!

Decided to leave them all for Santa.  He'll be hungry when he gets to my house.

Time to make the reindeer food!

Playing Santa on Christmas Eve.  Delivering a present to Mema and Granddaddy!

  I think Mema likes it.

Time to play, Granddaddy!

Before settling in for a long winter's nap we watched Charlie Brown's Christmas. 

December 24, 2009

Yummy Fun!

We had so much fun decorating our gingerbread house this year.  Jax did a great job helping with the roof and making our gingerbread colorful and fun.  A little messy but worth it.