March 26, 2010

Easter Bunny Visit

What a fun day!  Mema and Granddaddy joined Jax and me for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Afterwards, Jax went for a visit with the Easter Bunny!  I was a little concerned since his visit with Santa wasn't well received but much to my delight he hopped into the bunny's lap - no problem.  I love The Green Hills Mall.  It has changed so much since I lived nearby so it's always a nice treat to visit. 

Date Night

My hubby and I enjoyed a fun night of bowling last Saturday night.  We haven't been since before Jax was born so it was a fun treat.  Before bowling we had a quick bite at Jonathan's and then bowled a couple of games.  Of course, John won both games but not by much. 

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My Beautiful Friend

Last Saturday we travelled to Huntsville to visit family and friends.  My dear friend from college and I spent a fun day talking, laughing and eating while John and Jax visited with his mom, aunt and uncle.  I haven't seen Gina since my wedding - too long - but it was like it was just yesterday - she is that kind of friend.  She is a such an inspiration to me - she is beautiful inside and out and I am very blessed to call her my friend.  Thanks for a wonderful day, my sweet friend. 

Dr. Seuss Fun

We had a great day celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday a couple of weeks ago - (sorry - I'm a little behind).  We read The Cat in the Hat and The Foot Book before naptime.  We continued our celebration in the evening by reading Green Eggs and Ham and having eggs, ham and pancakes for dinner - YUM!!!  My hubby vetoed green eggs - maybe next year.  We watched the movie while enjoying our delicious "breakfast" dinner.  As you can see in the pictures  "Cat in the Hat" joined us for the fun. 

March 6, 2010

Celebrating with Jay

Savannah, Jay and Julie
Jay helping Uncle Jay open a present.
Jay enjoying the spotlight.
My sweet baby!
Score - the gift cards are a hit!
Uncle John, Jax and Aunt JuJu
Granddaddy, Jax and Mema
Last Sunday my family had a wonderful birthday lunch at J. Alexander's to celebrate my brother Jay's birthday.  Everyone enjoyed being together and spending time showing Jay how much we love him.  Jax had a great time entertaining everyone as always.